Sale 2 storey house Style Modern Ladprao 71 --- net 12,999,999 baht

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Sale 2 storey house Style Modern Ladprao 71 --- net 12,999,999 baht

Sale/Rent 2 storey house Style Modern Ladprao 71 
Area 260 sq.m. good-location

16 million price cut is 12,999,999 million.
Price reduced from 12,999,999 Baht to another 3 million to cover this request before the New Year.
This is no more Price reduction from the original multi-million stop it.
This price before the New Year too. New Year's hike up it. The yellow line on the course.

2storey split level home. Modern style (like no other).
Area of 260 square meters.
2 side road frontage facing north.

Ladprao 71 - Chok Chai 4 Soi 6 – Sangkromsongkro - Ramintra-artnarong Expressway
School. NawaminBodindacha3 150 m (I have a name for registration grandchildren have attended school. NawaminBodindacha3. It is not required in the area).

Along the highway – Ramintra-artnarong 600 m
Lotus / HomePro 800 m
Impact Imperial Ladprao / big C 900 m
Office Ladprao 800 m
Siam Memory Memorial Hospital 1.2 km.
Baking Education 400 m
Postal 400 m
Banks in Ladphrao71 800-1000 m
Seven-eleven 250 m
Channel through the ladphrao 63road.

In a large house on Soi 100-200 sq.m. atmosphere (not community) quiet
The House of creating a close thing. (The other one can do pool - garden. Or create additional comfort after 8x20 m).

70 sq.m. with basement
85sq. m. wide deck
Living area 610 sq.m.
Good location - off very easy.
54-year flood. (((This is not to flood it))).

For those who want a modern house / those with ideas to decorate the interior for your style / no charge as a global village /.

Rent Price 85,000 baht/month if interest rates actually talk to me. 

E-mail (Sell)

*** Post broker's disaster off ***.


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